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Extech Decibel Meters

If you’re looking for a decibel meter for home or business use, you’ve come to the right place. Extech, a leading manufacturer in the automation industry, offers a range of affordable professional-grade sound level meters. Extech’s 407730 is one such example. This meter can measure sound levels from 35 to 130 decibels in single and dual-range models. In addition, this meter is NIST-traceable and has calibration certificates. The device is also fully functional with a battery backup and includes software for analysing collected data.

Extech’s PT02 decibel meter

decibel meterThe Extech PT02 decibel meter is a compact, lightweight unit with a metal condenser microphone. Its wide frequency range can detect sounds from 30 to 130 decibels. The unit also has a high-sensitivity switch and can accurately measure a range of frequencies up to five decibels above or below the indicated measurement. In addition, the Extech PT02 is equipped with a two-second sample rate, allowing users to balance peaks and valleys with most audio applications.

If you’re planning on buying a decibel meter, you can check out several models at your local home improvement store. You can also buy a professional model from a major manufacturer like Extech, which uses advanced technology in their sound level meters. For example, you can purchase Extech’s PT02 decibel meter in single and dual-range models. The single-range version can measure the sound level between thirty and 130 decibels, while the dual-range model can measure two levels simultaneously. In addition, the PT02 includes a certificate of calibration and material traceability for professional use.

Extech’s Leg decibel meter

This Extech 407780A sound level meter is a highly accurate instrument that complies with the IEC 61672-1:2003 standard. The unit includes a PC interface, a built-in data logger, and impulse/fast response settings. The device can record up to 32,000 readings. It is also compatible with external data loggers and frequency analysers. It is an excellent choice for professionals who need to measure sound levels in various settings, including noise and vibration.

This unit measures 22-136 dB(A) and is compatible with a wide frequency range. It measures sound levels from three Hz to 20 kHz and features A, B, C, and Z frequency weightings. It also has GPS functionality so that users can measure sound levels from anywhere. It also features an illuminated LCD screen that displays the sound pressure level. In addition, the SPL (sound pressure level) is displayed graphically and numerically, and the device’s octave band filtering features allow it to detect slight differences in frequency, such as those from a guitar cab.

Extech’s dB Meter

Extech’s dB Meter is a sound-level measurement instrument with a large, backlit display. The meter measures A and C, weighing from 35 to 130 dB. The device also measures the amount of sound that humans can tolerate wearing hearing protection. Despite the compact design, the dB meter can measure various sound levels, including low and high-frequency noise. Its features include a fast response time, a Low-frequency response time, and a wrist strap.

This sound decibel meter measures sound levels in various workplace environments, including restaurants, offices, and other public areas. It has a measuring range of 40 to 130 dB and is precision-accurate to within 2dB. In addition, it has a 0.1-dB resolution and fast response and a digital display with a 0.1-dB resolution. Moreover, this meter comes with an analog bar graph for easy readability. Its other features include MAX Hold, which stores the highest dB reading. And finally, it has an auto-power-off function to preserve battery life.

Extech’s Leq dB Meter

The Extech 407780A Sound Level Meter is a USB-powered, integrating sound level meter that can take both Leq and SEL measurements. This instrument includes an integrated data logger and PC interface for data collection and reporting. It can also record up to 32,000 readings and is supplied with Windows software. The 407780A’s user manual provides detailed information about the unit. In addition to its USB compatibility, this instrument has an analog bar graph. It is also compatible with external data loggers and frequency analysers.

This sound meter features three-decibel ranges and can record live audio and dB levels. It also includes software to collect standard sound data automatically. It is the smallest type 21 sound meter in the world. The device is also fully functional with a battery backup and includes software for analysing collected data. The unit also features a programmable integrating time for accurate measurements. It meets standards for both ANSI S1.4 type 2 and IEC 61672 class 2.