Choosing a Weighted Blanket For Winter – Discover More Here!

Choosing a weightless blanket is not a decision to be made lightly. Many shoppers go through exhausting routines in order to make a decision about which weightless blanket is best. There are many factors that should be considered when making a choice about a blanket that helps people sleep. Testers try each blanket, testing each one rigorously for comfort, quality, and flexibility. They also determine who does best by examining the blanket and weight choices. So, choosing a weighted blanket? Discover more here!


Testers carefully test blankets by sleeping on them at various angles. The four basic forms of a weighted blanket are knitted, woven, flat weave, or machine-made. Testers find that most people prefer flat weave blankets because they are more flexible and move less during sleep. Woven blankets are heavier and are often used for adults because of their durability and superior quality. A knitted blanket is subject to being spun by hand, which makes the fabric heavier and creates a barrier between the weight of the individual sleeper and the weight of the blanket.


An average person weighs between twenty-two and twenty-five pounds. It is common for adults that are ten pounds to twenty-six pounds to experience having trouble sleeping comfortably. A blanket that is too heavy causes limbs to pull away from the body, resulting in discomfort during sleep. A blanket that is too light causes the weight of the head to become the weight of the torso, which can result in feeling too lightweight and being uncomfortable. Choosing a weighted down comforter that is the proper weight is an important factor for those that are ten pounds or heavier. Choosing a weighted blanket? Discover more here!


The blanket needs to provide adequate support for the user. Most of the time, the weight of the blanket is enough to keep the body weight plus one pound supported while sleeping. However, there are some cases where the user may weigh more than twenty-two pounds. In this case, choosing a comforter that is the right density can be a factor. A dense down comforter will weigh between seven and nine pounds per square inch. A lightweight down comforter that weighs between six and ten pounds can be a great option for those that are between ten and eighteen pounds.


There are other things to consider when choosing a down blanket. If a person sleeps on their back, the filling is generally on the outside and provides greater protection. However, if a person prefers the comfort of being on their side, the filling is often placed on the inside, which provides a little more padding. Choosing a blanket that is rated for the weight of the user as well as the body weight plus one pound will help ensure the safety of the individual that is using the blanket. Choosing a weighted blanket? Discover more here!