What Type of Curl Cleanser is Right For You?

Sulfate-Free Conditioner With Peppermint Shampoo Sulfate-Free Facial Cleanser Sulfate-Free Shampoo – Great conditioner for people with oily skin or curly hair. Sulphate-Free Shampoo cleansers are made with gentle sulphate-free ingredients, and these gentle ingredients will not dry out your scalp or cause any scalp irritation. A sulfate-Free Shampoo is an excellent option for those with extremely oily or combination skin and those who wish to avoid the harsh effects of lathering up with soap and shampoo.

Hair-Gang curl cleanser containing Peppermint Oil Soothing Rinse – Great shampoo for those with oily scalps. The gentle ingredients will soothe and refresh tired, dry or damaged hair without stripping away lustre or leaving a greasy film. Peppermint Oil is a natural alternative to SLS and SLES, which may negatively affect the skin. For example, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is a foaming agent often used in laundry detergents and shampoo to help alleviate scalp acne. However, prolonged and repeated use can lead to dry and flaky scalps.

Clever-Curl-cleanserClever Curl cleanser containing Zinc PCA Betaine – One of the most popular and effective all-natural ingredients in today’s cleansers. It has been shown to reduce hair loss and treat dandruff by improving moisture retention. This ingredient also promotes healthy circulation and sebum production (oil produced by the sebaceous glands). This oil helps prevent the buildup of debris on the follicles and help remove dead and dying hair. It works best when it is used in conjunction with Zinc PCA.

Curl cleanser containing Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate – Also known as SLS is a foaming agent similar to sodium lauryl sulphate that serves as a conditioner. However, it is less harsh than its former counterpart, which allows it to be much more comfortable on sensitive scalps. Its foaming action makes it easy to foam up a cup of shampoo. While it does not leave soap residue behind, it can cause stinging sensations on the scalp. Some users have reported irritation in the chest area when using Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate shampoo, and it is advised that you rinse your hair thoroughly after washing. You may experience some minor dryness, but overall the product does not cause a lot of irritation.

A very mild yet effective curl cleanser containing Zinc PCA is the best choice for most individuals. It is very gentle because it does not exfoliate or dry out the hair since it contains mild surfactants. This ingredient helps restore sebum and acts as an antioxidant, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on wet hair. There is no discernible taste as with other mild surfactant agents, and it leaves hair softer and shinier. In addition, it will help retain moisture in your hair which can be crucial during humid days.

A curl cleanser containing Cocamidopropyl betaine can act as an anti-aging treatment for the hair shaft. The ingredient is believed to improve the thickness of the shaft by providing extra protection against ultraviolet exposure and damaging free radicals. However, it has not been proven in scientific studies, and it is not recommended that it be used as a shampoo. Instead, haircare experts believe that it works better as a styling aid, and they suggest that it be used weekly rather than daily.