Porcelain Floor Tiles w/ Design Adelaide – Buying Guide

Floor tiles are made from different materials and have different qualities. The most common type of floor tiles is the ceramic tile. Ceramic tiles vary in their colour, size, shape, thickness, and design. A ceramic tile is generally a thin, solid material usually square or rectangular. A ceramic tile is usually a manufactured article of soft-wearing material like porcelain, stone, metal, ceramic, or glass, usually used on floors, roofs, walls, or tables.


floor tiles w/ design AdelaidePorcelain tiles are popular floor tiles w/  design Adelaide for houses, apartments, and commercial buildings. These types of tiles are very durable and easy to maintain. Their smooth surfaces attract cleanliness, and they are available in a variety of colours. However, porcelain tiles are not good to use on floors where there is traffic. These tiles are also not recommended for kitchens and bathroom floors.


Ceramic tiles made from fired clay are highly recommended for high-traffic floors. These types of tiles are heat resistant. However, they do not stain resistant, and thus, they are not recommended for wall tiles. Wall tiles made from ceramic or glazed terracotta are suitable for both high-traffic floors and walls. They are severe and very long-lasting.


Ceramic wall tiles are ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors. However, these types of floor tiles w/  design Adelaide are heavy and therefore require extra care and protection. Ceramic wall tiles are not good to use on basement floors and bathroom walls. These tiles are also not suitable to use on floors of a basement which are exposed to high humidity.


Porcelain tiles are lightweight, and they do not need any extra protection. Porcelain floor tiles can be installed over concrete, basement and walls. Moreover, porcelain tiles are water-resistant. However, they are available in different colours and designs, so you have a wide variety of choices.


Ceramic and glazed are both excellent choices for your home decor. However, there is one more option. You can choose between natural floor tiles w/  design Adelaide and hardboard or plywood-based wall panels for your interior home decor. Hardboard has better sound insulation characteristics, and it is lighter than ceramic and glazed.


Ceramic tiles are ideal for floors and walls. Moreover, these tiles can also be used on walls and feet as well. Ceramic wall tiles are light and can be used on ceilings and walls. However, there are certain factors you have to consider when planning to install Ceramic tiles on floors and walls.


As mentioned earlier, you have to keep your guest baths and your family bath floors dry at all times. If you have wet floors and walls, then it will cause scratches on your porcelain tile flooring. In addition, it will make it difficult for you to take care of the floor, and it will be a health hazard for your family members as well.


Tile floors are easy to maintain. However, you will still have to give special attention to the wall tiles. The right wall tile sealer can preserve the beauty of your floor tiles. To keep your walls and floors dry, you should use water absorbent cleaners and sweep the floor daily. A drywall is a healthy wall.